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I am excited to have placed this manuscript, “An Early History of Cache County,” on MendonUtah.Net as you find it here today. This was a long time in the coming for me and a milestone in my publishing abilities via, Mendon’s May Day Press, my moniker for historical work I produce and or provide for the student of the greater Cache Valley history.

Whereas M. R. Hovey and my great-grandfather, Isaac Sorensen worked together to produce the Mendon section this volume, I think it only fitting that I place it back where the public may have free access to it once again. It was printed in the Logan Journal, the newspaper that preceded The Herald Journal, from August 4, 1923 until completed in 1925. Please enjoy your time spent reading and or studying Mr. Hovey’s, “An Early History of Cache County.”

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An Early History of Cache County

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About An Early History of Cache County

I am extremely fond of this early history of Cache County and the greater Cache Valley, I have read and then reread it several times. I have an original typescript copy of all included here and it has helped to form the base of my understanding of early Cache Valley history. This history seemed to be well known by many local historians, but hard copies of same were not to be found, being published in the local newspaper, The Journal and not bound in formal book form. It was this lack of easy availability that prompted me to try and help out the local historical community. I first placed a long one-page html copy of “An Early History of Cache County,” by M. R. Hovey, on the Internet sometime in early 2000. Due to the sheer size of this tome, compiled by Merlin Ross Hovey, on the greater Cache Valley, I have broken the history up into its individual topics and or chapters, to facilitate your movement among the sections. The index below will serve as the main page at this time; I have placed foreword and back buttons on the pages to help move you to the next section and an index button to return you here.

I hand typed all of the text included herein and built all of the tables and etc., thus any mistakes are none other than mine. I release this as such, knowing though I have done my best, there will be some typos and or other such errors introduced. A work of this size, completed by only one person typing and proofing, even with a good spell checker, at times just lacks the perfection I seek and you need. If you the user will help alert me to the errors found, I will promise to promptly correct same. I hope to include some photographs and some graphics, charts and other enhancing elements or features over time. Regardless— I believe the work very serviceable as found, for current needs. As noted prior, it will only improve over time as serious students of Mendon and Cache Valley history use and help to improve it. Ultimately however I must bear the burden and responsibility for any errors alone.

Rodney J. Sorensen


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1. Merlin R. Hovey, An Early History of Cache County, 1 January 1923. Also published in the Logan Journal, beginning 4 August 1923. (Copied by Miss Ellen Bickmore for the Historic Records Survey, Federal Writers Projects, Works Progress Administration, December 1936.) The copy presented here, is taken from Miss Bickmore's work.